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Hi everyone, the names Jason aka AtomSoft.


I have a blog: http://atomsoft.wordpress.com

I also have a online shop: http://atomsofttech.com


I originally found this forum because someone linked to my site from here. While im not a professional at all i do know a ton of stuff and hope to learn more. While here i plan to learn (ask questions) and help out (answer questions). I know a but about everything from...


ARM, PIC, (very little AVR)

For ARM i only use C... for PIC i use ASM & C, AVR (C only)


So just dropping in to say hello and introduce myself :)

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Thanks guys,


1st... liter.. you are 100% right :) Best quality for price


2nd... bluehash... ill be sure to add the links... just been going nuts back and forth...then lunch ... :)


BB is BeagleBoard ? :D

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