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"Mark this forum as read" doesn't work any more

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With javascript disabled it gives me a  "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!" message, while with javascript enabled it appears to work (the topics show as read) but it really doesn't (reloading the forum they show as unread).

It worked 2 days ago.


Edit: the above error message has this error code attached: [#20312.1]

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This issue happened to me once. I noticed it was when I clicked "mark all read" in one forum and very quickly went to another one to do the same thing. So looks like a glitch that happens if you do it too fast (e.g. I tend to always mark the main Energia + subforum as read without actually reading anything, so I do it very quickly).


It hasn't happened anymore though, neither Chrome nor Firefox.

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@@zeke, mark community read works, but it marks as read every section (oops), the one that doesn't work is the mark this forum as read in each subforum.

@@bluehash, tried that and still have the problem. I also tried logging out and logging in again using the email instead of the username. It didn't work either (I didn't expect it to since I started seeing the problem before the merge).

Doesn't the error code [#20312.1] help pinpoint the problem?


Edit: I also tried with chrome (I normally use firefox) but I have the same problem (I tried with javascript disabled since javascript hides the problem, it apparently works but it really doesn't).

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