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Forums upgraded to 3.4.7 + Next Steps

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  • 43oh IpBoard upgraded to latest stable version 3.4.7.
  • Stellarisiti IpBoard upgraded to 3.4.7

Next steps:

  • Downgrade BFU to 3.4.7
  • Merge BFU to 43oh
  • Merge Stellarisiti to 43oh
  • Compile 301 redirects for changed URLs for BFU and Stellarisiti
  • Upgrade 43oh to Ipboard 4.0 once everything is stable and 4.0 is out of RC.
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This past week I have been trying to do a soft merge between Stellaris and BFU. It is not going well with alot of duplicate usernames and errors. The guys at IPB are helping me out with it, so not totally lost.

Once that is sorted out, I'll be first merging BFU to 43oh, then Stellarisiti.

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