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Problem interfacing msp430g2553 with cc3200

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Have you considered using serial?  I have an MSP430 connected to Serial1 on the CC3200 which leaves Serial to communicate with your PC if attached (I use it for debugging output).

The one issue I ran into - which may be your problem with I2C since it uses the same pins - the LEDs seem to screw things up.  I had to specifically set the green LED pin (RX 1) as an input to get things to work, even though I didn't have to do that for Serial - it was needed for Serial1.  I'm only receiving serial from the MSP430, not sending it back - but you might need to expressly set that pin as an output as well.   

Also - do you have pull-ups on the I2C lines?  Those are needed for I2C.  

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They put up great pin maps at energia.nu - http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_cc3200launchpad/(http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/cc3200lppinmap.jpg for the full res image)

I believe you should be using 9 and 10 for SDA/SCL or TX/RX for Serial1.  It looks like 39/40 are alternates - but I don't think that's the default configuration.

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