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Sorry to hear y'all are having trouble.  I don't check these forums as much as I should.  My apologies.


A couple things to note:

  • Compiler version should be completely independent of whether the upload works or not.  Nearly any C2k compiler version should be ok.  Also there is a new version of the compiler out that I should be able to integrate into Energia, so that user's will not have to do this step manually.  Hopefully I can get this into the next release, but no promises.
  • Energia currently uses the device's serial boot mode to program the device.  This is why you have to set all those d@mn switches.  First the PC loads a small program into the device's RAM.  This is the short LED blink you see in the beginning.  Then this program recieves the actual application and programs it into flash.  This is the part where you see the LEDs alternately blink.  Because of how everything shakes out, the baud rate needs to be 38400 or less.
  • I will be updating Energia for C2k to use a new progamming mechanism called DSLite.  DSLite is a lightweight version of the debug server CCS uses. This new programming scheme will use JTAG instead of serial, will be faster, and will not require any switch configuration prior to programming
  • CCS programming is probably failing due to the 3rd boot switch.  For CCS to connect this needs to be in the up position.  I believe this is documented in the user's guide for the LaunchPad.
  • I've seen programming failures with the 27F (instaSPIN) version of the LaunchPad in Energia.  I've recreated the issue here, but haven't been able to isolate the cause.  This will automatically be fixed when we switch over to DSLite.


Hopefully that answers some questions and helps people get up and running!

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I have often had problems getting a C2000 Launchpad working with a new install of Energia (I teach engineering at a community college and have assisted about a dozen students in a robotics club get up and running with Energia/C2000 Piccolo ('027 and '069) processors).  The latest trick I learned was to right click on the Energia.exe file and select "properties".  Under the Compatibility tab, checking "Run this program in compatibility mode for;" and selecting the appropriate operating system (selecting windows 7 fixed the download problem that was encountered last night).  A student also taught me a nice trick to see if the Serial Port is working with the Launchpad before you start a download.  Under the "tools" tab select the Serial Monitor, enter some characters and watch for the Rx blue led on the Launchpad to blink when you hit "send".


I still have one computer that refuses to work with a C2000 Launchpad (Lenovo W500 running win7).  I also have a Lenovo T500 running win7 that has no problems!


In my opinion, Energia is nice for "newbies" that want to get started learning.  Most of the example sketches were written for other Launchpads.  CCS is where you have to go if you want all of the performance.  

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