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Advice on external temperature sensor

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Hello friends


Hope you are all doing great!


I need advice on an external temperature sensor for a MSP430G2553 project. I just need to read the "outside" temperature like a span of -30 to +80 celcius. I "just" ([emoji16]) want to know what the best/easiest/most common sensor would be. Of course I am a quite a newbie to this.


I have looked at some sensor like the lm35 but I read somewhere that it couldn't run at mcu voltage. Also looked at DS18B20 but its just a jungle for me and I don't know what to look for.


Requirements (not any particular order):

Low price

Can run at mcu voltage

Under 1 celcius accuracy

Nice to have some Energia examples to look at

The fewer pins the better, but not that important. I have loads of free pins.


Conclusion: A newbie friendly sensor to start out with :)


Sorry if the English is a little off, I have troubles sometimes finding the right words.


Best regards,


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