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Ethernet to serial module?

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I'm having a ball tonight.


I just figured out how to edit and to recompile the on-board file system on the S2E module. I went and re-branded it for fun.


Then I figured out how to program the S2E module using the ethernet port and the TI/LM utility program. 89kB in 3 seconds. Who needs a JTAG programmer? BWAAAHHAAAAhaaaaaaa :lol:


The demo html pages are kludgy. Someone decided that frames would be really neat. They're not.


I'm going to dump the frames and see if I can whip up some DHTML/CSS style pages. Should be fun.


Here's a picture of my re-branding job I did tonight.


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I made a batch file to remember how to re-compile the HTML file system for the S2E module.


REM Must be in directory: C:\StellarisWare\boards\rdk-s2e\ser2enet>
c:\StellarisWare\tools\bin\makefsfile.exe -i fs -o fsdata-s2e.h -r -h -q


I was inspired by this thread over at e2e.

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Ah Nuts! I just remembered about the MAC address stuff.


If a person is going to create a device that has ethernet then you have to get your own MAC address block. That costs moolah.


Not a problem. The OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier - First three octets) has a flag for locally administered MAC addresses, so set the 02:00:00 bit in the OUI and make sure it's unique on your network, and you're fine.


I never got around to doing much with it, but I was at one point working on building an Ethernet SPI daughter board. Between that and a decently powerful controller, you could conceivably build one yourself.

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