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A new MSP430 coming [MSP432 ARM]

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Good news. I'm very impressed with the characteristics of this new MSP432.


Somebody know the roadmap of the new devices that will arrive? We will have devices for smart metering with the SD24? This would be awesome in my projects.


One question, to this new line we need a new debug tool, correct? The MSP430FET-UIF will not be compatible? This tools is a good choice? 

- "XDS100 Low-cost Debug Probe"



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I just did a clean installation of CCS6.1 and guess what: 

A totally new MSP on the way. I assume a new device rather than just a new LaunchPad, although the video focuses on LaunchPads.

The [extremely sophisticated] benchmarks I have will port easily to MSP432 and STM32L4.  Atmel will be later in the year, but I have low hopes for Atmel, and I might not bother.   Warning: Rant ahea

Posted Images

Pay close attention to the image of the MSP432 LaunchPad panning down the screen around 2:19.


The XDS110-ET emulator is based on a TM4C1294NCPDT (XM4C129 in this case).  So it's a step up from the ICDI on the Tiva's, which used a Stellaris/Tiva part.  Probably need the horsepower for doing the SWD protocol I'm guessing.  TM4C129 also supports USB 2.0 High-Speed 480Mbps, so I wonder if it's taking advantage of that... lots of little chips on the emulator that could be the 480Mbps PHY I guess.

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My MSP432 launchpad is ordered ... A STM32L4 Eval kit is also on the way.  Yes, there will be a shootout on my blog sometime in the next couple months.  It will take a little bit of time to do, though, because I intend on being thorough, and not only addressing benchmarks but also practical concerns for embedded engineers (especially for IoT apps).


Here is the STM32L4: no surprise that it's very similar to the MSP432. 


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