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Updates and going forward

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Hello Team,


First I'd like to apologize for the down time in Dec-Jan. I had a hellish time moving servers just before I had to leave for vacation and then down times while I was away. To top it out, the host sending me tickets due to traffic spikes. It was just bad timing.


However, I'd like to get some input and just list out the steps going forward so you all are in the know.


1. The forum software IPBoard just released a new version of their board. It is pretty and is user friendly. I ported over BeagleFu to the new version as it gets little traffic. Install went good. IpBoard is on Release Candidate now. Once a stable version is released, I'll be upgrading 43oh and Stellarisiti.


2. Single Sign On(SSO) is finally coming. This will allow me to link 43oh, Stellairsiti and BeagleFu together. They will be different communities, but use the same sign-in. The reason I could not do this before is because Stellarisiti and BFU were on one server and 43oh on another.

I might also contract someone to make a central homepage for users to keep track of threads from all communities.


3. Now... TI's CC3XXX chips(wireless) is gaining traction. I'd like to create a community or sub-community on it....but the issue is all this cross-site posting. 43oh also hosts Energia which has support for a wide range of TI chips, which is good, but makes organization difficult.


a. Create a subforum for CC3XXX chips at Stellarisiti?

b. Point users to correct forums, which will require very active moderation.

c. A different forum?


Note that having SSO will be in handy here as users don't have to re-register. They may have to go through authentication once though.


4. C2KCentral, I might close it down. I tried to pump it up, but not many are interested in it yet... The TI E2Eforums are a good choice for people looking for help on the chip. If it gets popular, we'll try resurrecting it. Your view?


Nothing is concrete yet. Any input, your past experiences in other forums will be helpful here.


That is most of it for now. Thanks!

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C2Kcentral could definitely shut down.  I mean @@TI_Trey might shed a tear .... and I would go ahead and put a sub-forum on one of the sites for the C2000, especially with the new F28069M LaunchPad being released.


I'm personally in favor of collapsing everything into 43oh.com myself.  Once you have SSO, I bet it wouldn't be as difficult to move all the content from the other sites into subforums of 43oh.

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It'd be more convenient for me with separate forums, especially as I tend to bookmark the "new posts" link and see if there's anything new and interesting to read. There would be no need for SSO is they weren't separate anyway.


Personally, I'd also like to see Energia moved to its own forum. I have zero interest in Energia and I frequently see a question pop up on 43oh. When I go to answer I then find it's about Energia and have nothing to say. (I know the section is shown but I usually miss it.) As it's cross-platform anyway so would be more appropriate in its own forum.


Anyway, that's just my opinion. What I suggest you do is whatever suits you and makes your life easier. We'll cope!

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I'm also of the same opinion as @@spirilis, I like the idea of one forum to rule them all.  It's easy enough to filter out the discussions that I'm not interested in and sometimes there are great discussions that are not related to any of the uC platforms.


43oh is a awesome community regardless of what we talk about.


Thanks @@bluehash for making it happen too!

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I have to chime in and say I like the idea of one forum, with sub forums for the different chips. Seems easier to manage.

It's too bad about the c2000 forum going away but nobody goes there and the chip has a steep learning curve.

With a sub forum aleast that info would not go away completley .

I agree with @@Fred on energia having a forum all its own, not because I think its not a good thing, but it may be

easier for the people who use it to find the content there.

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I've kind of felt that spreading the communities across multiple domains kind of dilutes the discussion I'd almost love to see a TIMicros.com or something to bring it all together.  


The community has been pretty quiet lately - especially in comparison to when I started on the site a few years ago.  I'd love to see what we can do to make it as active again.  The POTMs were great - but the last few didn't get much participation.  Maybe we should start a thread on what we can do as a community (not just @bluehash) to keep things going?

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It seems like the general consensus is to have all TI chips in one place which makes sense. The downside of this is that we will have a huge forum list.


Would it be ok to call 43oh as a hub for all TI chips, although it did start with the MSP430. It does make managing the site simpler... and also manage contests, blog etc. If we go in this direction the following will be the big sub-sections

  • MSP430
  • TIVA-C
  • CC3XXX wireless chips
  • Cortex A8 - BBB
  • C2000


I didn't even know about c2k, I'll have to wander over there too

@@Jake It is down for now. Although I have database backups. So no data is lost.


@@Fred, with the new upgraded forum software, I maybe able to add filters for members to keep track of certain forums  only.


Nothing decided yet. Please keep your thoughts coming in.

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To make it easier to administrate, I recommend using just 43oh.com for everything. TI is pointing people to that one domain so it makes sense.


Keep the 43oh.com name as the dominant domain. 


You can redirected all the other domain names to their own sub-forum inside of 43oh.com with an apache redirect command. 


People will understand what it means once they notice all the sub-forums dedicated to each processor family.


United we stand. Divided we fall.

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