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nrf24l01 sensor network

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I have played around with spirillis msp430 nrf24l01 libraries and written some simple applications using them, which is great.  But now I am looking to set up a node network for sensors and actuators.  I would like to have something a layer above the spirillis nrf24l01 libraries that could act as a way to either mesh network or star network the nodes.


Maybe I am not searching the right things, but the best thing I have found so far is something from MySensors that seems to be Arduino only.  What I like about the mysensors is that it looks to handle  the networking of the nodes for you.  Are there any c libraries or energia libraries like that for msp430 and nrf24l01? 


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I have my own packet handler code running on top of msprf24 that I've never published but it doesn't do that level of networking.  I've never had a real need for that type of complexity in my own setup.


Fwiw, in Energia, I have an implementation of a similar style of "packet handler code" here-




It runs on top of my Energia nRF24L01+ lib, Enrf24:


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