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Dear all,

I am working with  HC SR04(ultrasonic sensor).,MSP430G2553 and TLC5940nt. I  want to display a message using TLC5940nt when the HC SR04 detects an object.

P2.1 to VCC

P2.2to GND

P2.4 to trigger

P2.1 to echo


For TLC5940nt,

P1.0 to XLAT

P1.1 to BLANK

P1.3 to DCPRG

P1.4 to GSCLK

P1.5 to SCLK

P1.6 to SOUT

P1.7 to SIN

P2.6  to XERR

P2.7 to VPRG


As I am a beginner please help me out with the connections and also with energia code..Thank you in advance.



Vamsi Krishna.R


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For the HC-SR04 with Energia - check out this post - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2470-hc-sr04-ultrasonic-sensor-w-energia/

As I noted on that thread - the device is 5v - I wouldn't expect it to run correctly on the launchpad's VCC - you may see unexpected results.


Looks like there is a lot of code on the forum for the TLC5940 with standard C, but not Energia.  Searching through some of the threads may help though.

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