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PC unlock using NFC implant

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I recent completed the prototype of my LoginNFC project. It's a combination of MSP430 acting as a USB keyboard (and CDC serial for configuration) and a TRF7970A NFC reader. The prototype was done with a F5529 LaunchPad and TRF7970A Booster - along with a ferrite antenna to improve the read range.


It's working well and I did a small write-up here: https://0xfred.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/nfc-login-version-1-0/


However, I don't really feel it's complete until I've got it off the dev board and made a decent PCB. This is my first double-sided PCB, first time with USB, first time with LQFP and QFN. Before I print out the transparencies and start etching (yes - I'm planning to hom eetch this) I thought I'd throw it out there for criticism - constructive or otherwise.


Lots of inspiration from @@RobG and his F5510 board along with TI's reference designs.Thanks for that. I'm sure I've have messed up somewhere though!


Here's what I've got. The vias are large (and the drill small) because they will be done with 0.6mm copper rivets. I thought I'd give myself a bit of leeway for centering the hole when I drill them. I've tried to minimise them and they'll be done by hand but there still seems to be more than I'd like. The part that's off the board is an inductor that seems to work well as an antenna. I need to get my implant as close as possible beside it.




Eagle files attached if anyone wants to take a closer look.



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