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Stellaris / Tiva msec callback timer

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I worked (hacked) on the MSP430 TwoMSecTimer library until it became the AnyMSecTimer library that can be used on MSP430 or on the Stellaris / Tiva.  It uses one of the  timers when running on an MSP430 and a Systick handler on the bigger boards.


  1. Register your function from your ino file with the timer along with an interval in msec.  
  2. The registered function will be invoked at that interval.

A sample app is on github. https://github.com/freemansoft/build-monitor-devices/tree/master/ti_launchpad_rgb_2



-- setup --

AnyMsTimer::set(STATE_STEP_INTERVAL, my_function);


-- function signature --

void my_function(){
  // remember to do as little as possible here because interrupts are masked off
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