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Need beginner help. I switched from energia to CCS...

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i cant really find a good documentatioin for the CC3200 pogramming in CCS.


I am looking for a beginners guide explaining the energia functioins like "digitalWrite(pin)", millis(), micros(), digitalPinToBitMask(pin), digitalPinToPort(pin) etc.


Sure, i looked a the examples in the SDK, tried the built in help in CCS and googled a lot, but i didnt find a good documentation on how to do basic tasks...


Can you point me to some tutorials or documents explaining the total basics?


Thanks a lot,


Max :smile:

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You should find that the coding is much the same in CCS, but configuring peripherals is harder work.


I haven't done much with Tiva for a while (but have something planned soon). When I did, I found that the PinMux tool helped me to get started quickly. It's much like Grace for the MSP430. It lets you select what peripherals you want to set up and then generates the CCS-compatible code for you. The recently released version 3.0 covers the CC3200.


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You can use the Energia core libraries without using Energia. I have set it this up using NetBeans but it is a pretty complex processing if you are coming from Energia.


If you just want to learn, open up the core libraries files (in the hardware folder in the Energia program folder) and have a look at how they implement those functions. 

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