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MSP430G2553 and HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor

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You can adopt an Arduino project. For example this: http://arduinobasics.blogspot.hu/2012/11/arduinobasics-hc-sr04-ultrasonic-sensor.html



1. The HC-SR04 module requres +5V supply.

2. A voltage divider or a current limiter resistor may be required to receive the ECHO signal since the MSP430G2553 does not tolerate the 5V signal.

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I am doing a project in texas instruments,so the MSP430 launchpad is must.Is there any other alternative.??


I did this some time ago, but AFAIR it was done like this - power up the HC-SR04 by 5V from the launchpad. It can be triggered directly by MSP430, however to not damage the MCU the receiving pin of the MCU has to be connected to 2/3 voltage divider, Works like a charm.


As last resort you can power the sensor by the 3.3V bus, but the range will be limited to about half a meter (5V powered sensor was giving me exact readings up to 4 meters).

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