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[ Energia library ] MSP430 internal temp sensor

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Library for MSP430 internal temperature sensor usage. This sensor is not very precise but can be used if necessary.

You can access source code and see example file here:

Notice, that you can use float values for temperature or int16 (also with decimal part of temperature value). When using int16 temperature will be returned in this way:

  • 23.5 C will be returned as 235 (0xEB) integer value;
  • 54.3 C will be returned as 543 (0x21F) integer value

When using float values (on my MSP430G2553) memory usage will be like this:
binary sketch size: 7 625 bytes (of a 16 384 byte maximum)

When using int16 memory usage will be:
binary sketch size: 3 359 bytes (of a 16 384 byte maximum)

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Thanks for sharing


But I found an error : pinMode(TEMPSENSOR, INPUT) is not needed at all as TEMPSENSOR is not a pin and just an entry of the analog multiplexer. And moreover, it drives the real pins. I found this bug because when a measured the temperature, a led on pin P2_2 shuted off. And both led and temperature measurement worked well after pinMode() was erased.


Finally as there is only one temperature sensor, you can add pre-instanciation in your library. And I think init() phase is not very useful as a dedicated function. Including it in update() would be better.

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