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Have you checked the LCD print routines (e.g. if you set data = 5, does it write 5?).


What is the data type of "data"? (does it match what flash.read expects)?


Does the flash.write change the values in flash?

(e.g. if you do a print loop before the flash write, and one afterwards, do you get different values).


Have you checked the address math?  (To be sure that (unsigned char*)potvalue + offsat gives you what you want.)

(e.g. print the list of addresses to the serial port, and be sure they go up by one byte each time).

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I forgot the flash write routine will clear the flash first or not, but I kind of remember it didn't. If not, you will have to clean the flash before write, as write only able to set 0 to 1, but not the other way.

Are you sure it's not the other way around (so, erasing will set all bits to 1, writing can only set them to 0)?

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