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Parallax PIR sensor and LaunchPad - help?

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Just a heads up. If you want a similar PIR sensor for cheaper, and it comes with a bonus case with 2AA holder and plenty of space ;P   Radioshack sku 630-0282 Clearance item/Close Out price. The bi

SPICE looks interesting

i may try this one



Note, that one does not have a GUI, at least I don't think it does. I actually don't know how to "code" in SPICE, I just use the circuit editors in the GUI to make my simulations. TINA-TI is the most user friendly one I've found. Good luck though! The one from Berkeley will probably work just fine. :-)



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Just a heads up. If you want a similar PIR sensor for cheaper, and it comes with a bonus case with 2AA holder and plenty of space ;P


Radioshack sku 630-0282

Clearance item/Close Out price. The bigger Radioshacks have them, but have them search the sku in the district tool if not (the online one, not the POS one). Talking Pumpkin Insert. 97 cents.





Same BISS0001 PIR controller, comparable PIR sensor (I opened one and checked).


All smd caps/resistors, so it lies flat if you want to take it out of the case.


Picked up three. At 1.03 each, I couldn't resist. Two will be left alone, and one will add a msp430 + rtc as a data logger. Every time it is trigger, +1 to a byte section of the inforam. (Unless I can get a eeprom). After halloween, I'll download the data, and have a log of every time it triggered due to the rtc.

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Just a quick update to the pumpkin project. The PIR sensor is ridiculously sensitive to outdoor sunlight. Triggered with every cloud movement or what not. Didn't want to deal with super tight smd to change the sensitivity, so went the ghetto way.


Thought I had a nice thick cardboard tube around, but must have thrown it out. What I did have was a new box of toothpaste. Took the box, ripped it in half (~4~5 inches long) and placed the sensor in the ripped end. Used the flaps on the normal end to adjust the amount of space the sensor could see through. This brought it down from triggering ever 30 seconds to every 2 minutes. What was happening is that the wind was blowing the cardboard around, triggering the sensor.


Second jerryrig, stuck a shishkobob skewer in the middle of the box, and stuck it in the pumpkin. Now the sensor only triggers when someone steps right on the stair it is sitting on, like a laser trip wire. No more sunlight or wind related triggers.


Since I just got a bag full of goodies today (Maxim-Dallas samples), it is time to start coding a rtc enabled timestamp trigger logger. W00t.

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I know you have already have the Parallax PIR module, so this might not be of interest for your current project, but you might want to look at this instructable for future PIR projects.



I've been meaning to pick one of those up, because they're packed with reusable goodies. Thanks for the link!

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Ive recently got a few of these modules and you can get them working also without the need to connect to TP1/TP2. What I have done:


        VCC  (3.3V)





             |________  MSP430 PIN INPUT




             |________  PIR OUTPUT



When I use R1=33k and R2=12k and disable the internal pullups on the MSP430 I get a readout of 1.0V when the PIRoutput is LOW and 2.3V when the PIRoutput is high (PIR Output is 1.7V).


EDIT: just found out that it can be done even simpler, enable the internal pullups and put a 6.8k resistor between the PIR OUTPUT and the MSP INPUT seems to give a reliable signal.





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