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MSPGCC support for newer Value Line parts?

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There is a new development tree of mspgcc known as "Uniarch" whose goal is to reduce the effort required to add support for new chips. Apparently, adding support for new chips was a lot of work in current/previous versions. In any case, the first alpha release of Uniarch came out several weeks ago, and support for the complete set of Value Line chips was added earlier this week.


There are no packages available, and you are going to need to pull the sources from git and compile it on your own, but fortunately it compiles quite easily under Linux and OS/X. I have not yet heard any reports one way or another from anyone who has attempted to compile it under mingw or cygwin.


If you go this route, be aware that you are also going to need to pull the latest mspdebug sources from the git repository in order to program the new chips, and the gdb included with Uniarch is known to be broken. You should be able to use your existing gdb binary with the new toolchain.


For details, check the past month's archives on mspgcc-users.

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I have compiled a guide documenting all the steps necessary to get a working uniarch mspgcc in the latest release, the one from 06-12-2011. You can find it here -> https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launchpad/blob/master/README.md


The new mspgcc has support for all of the value line msp430s, and over 300 devices in general. In the repository there's also a couple of mini projects tested with this new mspgcc and installed in a launchpad.. I hope with time I will post some more.



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Now if only a FreeBSD port would appear... :)


Thanks to Lev A. Serebryakov, the maintainer of (almost) all things MSP430 in the FreeBSD ports collection, this has just happened. There is one bit of a problem left with msp430-binutils that is being worked on, but all in all, fellow FreeBSD users are just a couple of days out from being able to use Uniarch from the comfort of the ports infrastructure.



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