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Porting arduino Modbus library to Energia

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I am currently porting from Arduino to MSP430 platform. I want to port to attached Modbus Master and slave library to Energia.

In modbus we have to set parity of serial communication, parity function is not there in MSP430 HardwareSerial.ccp library can anyone help me to add this function in energia library? Problem is not with modbus library but with Energia core library.





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Hi Suyog,

Did you find a solution to setting parity bit in Energia. I also want to communicate via a Modbus  to an energymeter. I have came across a "parity bit setting patch" but that is for MSP430 and I 'm using CC3200 which quite different than MSP430. Please anybody from Energia guide about how to set a parity bit... !!!!




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