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I am essentially trying to connect an External LED and execute the Blink example pre loaded in Energia on it instead of the inbuilt LED.
This is the code I was trying to use. I also used the internal LED to check if the code was working or not.

With regard to the connections, i connected the LED, to a resistor and then connected it to PIN_50. the circuit was completed by connecting the other end of the LED, to the Gnd.

#define L GREEN_LED

void setup()
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  pinMode(PIN_50, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(L, OUTPUT);
  //digitalWrite(PIN_50, LOW);

void loop()
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
 digitalWrite(PIN_50, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(PIN_50, LOW);
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The image found on the following link with CC3200 Launchpad should serve as a useful reference as to what each pin is capable of on the Energia Platform: http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/cc3200lppinmap.jpg

You should use the pin numbers as seen in the image (black background with white numbers) to address every pin.


Also you should look up this reference page which is similar to the Arduino and it is perhaps the best place to start to learn each pin config : http://energia.nu/reference/

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