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Problem with CC3200 and LCD5110 Library

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Hi community,

I have a problem using the LCD_5110 Display library with my CC3200 Launchpad.

The Compiler does not throw any error but the main Example sketch is not working. The Display just stay white like dead. I double checked the pin configuration but I con not find the problem.

With the example Sketch:


everything works fine but with the same pin configuration and wiring the example sketch


Is not working at all.

I use the following pin configuration:


LCD_5110::LCD_5110() { // pins names in MSP430G2553
LCD_5110(6, // P2_2 Chip Select
3, // P2_4 Serial Clock
4, // P2_0 Serial Data
5, // P2_3 Data/Command
7, // P1_0 Reset
2, // P2_1 Backlight
PUSH2); // Push Button 2


Does anybody have some advice for me?

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