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TI and Temboo are Building the Internet of Things

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I just got an email from TI today talking about "TI and Temboo are Building the Internet of Things". more here: http://e2e.ti.com/group/launchyourdesign/b/blog/archive/2014/09/10/ti-and-temboo-are-building-the-internet-of-things


The announcement seems to be short on details, but does state "Temboo now comes bundled into the latest release of the Energia IDE, meaning that you can use Temboo to turn connected LaunchPads into multifunctional, intelligent IoT devices!"


Has anyone tried this and how did it work out for you?

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I played with it briefly (sent an email via Gmail to test).  It seems pretty cool what they're doing, although the cost & limitations are based on "# of API calls" so a free account gives you 1000 API calls/month (and 512MB) I think, and prices start at $7/mo ("Maker Plan") for 25K calls/mo (4GB).


Only supports CC3200/CC3100 right now to my knowledge, i.e. it requires the WiFi library.  I added SSL support to the WiFi library recently and heard that Temboo was testing it out but I don't see it being used in the current (Energia 14) release of Temboo.

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Hi there, I work for Temboo.


We currently support the TI CC3200, the TI CC3100 BoosterPack, and the TI Tiva C Series Ethernet board. You can find a full list of hardware that we support at the following links:





We added SSL support for the CC3200 in the Energia 14 release. I looked through the github repo and saw that our updated library isn

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