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Monitoring temperatures up to ~500 degrees with the MSP430

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The question:-


If you wanted to monitor temperatures of up to 480 degrees farenheit, tolerance +-4 degrees, what hardware would you use?


My best answer so far:


K/J type thermocouple, AD595 amp. The downside to this is that I would have to have a PSU capable of delivering 5V and 3.6V for the AD595 and MSP430 respectively.


Does anyone else have a better idea, or know of a thermocouple amp that will operate at 3.6v (or some kind of thermocouple with serial out - I'm sure I've seen one of those before!)


All suggestions appreciated :)




EDIT: As always, the second I post on here I find something to prove myself wrong! In this case, I think this - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/77627.pdf would be quite capable of amping the thermocouple, and has the required low Vs level. I'm still interested to hear how others would do it though, so please feel free to answer if you have an alternative method.

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Thanks for the reply, the AD849 looks like a more suitable IC than the AD627 I'm looking at - unfortunately it's only available in MSOP packaging, so I'll struggle to prototype with it. I've got it marked for future reference though.


I've just had a quick look at the AN (slaa216 if anyone's interested), I think it relies on the 16 bit ADC, I was hoping to use one of the valueline chips. Sorry for not making it clearer, but it doesn't hurt me to know about it for future reference.


To be honest, that was part of the point of my post. I have an idea of one way to do something, but it's always beneficial to hear what others would do. I've learned more about programming (and everything) by looking at others work, and figuring out why they have done something the way they did.


Thanks again,



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I think the print head in the reprap 3d printer gets close to 450F. They use a thermistor and firmware to measure the temperature. I'm not sure what the upper range is for the thermistor I think around 250C. It might be just the ticket, they are inexpensive. You can find more info at http://reprap.org/wiki/Thermistor That page discusses the different ones they have used and some calculators.



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