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Converting a sketch from Tiva/Stellaris to cc3200

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my goal is to use WS2811/2812 LED Strips with TI CC 3200.


i found this sketch (see attachment from here) and want to use it on cc3200. When i try to compile in energia, it doesnt work for cc3200, it says "test_WS2811_stellaris.ino:25:24: fatal error: inc/hw_ssi.h: No such file or directory"


Can you point me in the right direction to adjust this sketch for CC3200?






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SSI on Tiva is the SPI peripheral.  Check out the SPI peripheral on the CC3200, and the SSI peripheral on the Tiva, and see what the first sketch is doing with the Tiva SSI as far as SPI bitrate and data, then see about porting it over to the CC3200's SPI implementation.


CC3200 Peripheral API documentation - http://software-dl.ti.com/ecs/cc31xx/APIs/public/cc32xx_peripherals/latest/html/index.html

Tiva peripheral driver library documentation - http://ti.com/lit/spmu298 (page 463 is where the SSI driverlib API is documented)

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i will look into that. Do you think this program is scalable to 1500 leds on a strip (the preset now is 8 ). So a much bigger number of leds...

Will this program be fast enough?

Not sure but that sounds like a lot.  It's not a question of the program being fast enough, it's a question of the WS2811's bus being fast enough for whatever your application may be.

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