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Look what showed up today!! C2000 F28069M

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16391616275_582c49f2d2.jpgIMG_20150128_173925519_HDR by JF TX, on Flickr


Its here !! now once I get past my trailer LED project I will be getting to this! 


End goal is a mechanical cow for training horses....   similar to this  http://www.cowtrac.com/index.html  


Hopefully I will be able to get full remote control via android phone or make a remote that has a 300+ ft reliable control range. 


It will either have control, or run loaded programs.  I have my BLDC motor already and the motor driver boosterpack, and the bluetooth module.

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Sounds like this one really does especially paired with the DRV8301 and all the TI software. I have a FM28069 sitting here that would have worked but after finding out all the slick software is meant to be paired with this one I couldn't resist but to pick one of these up too.


I just need to get past my midterms this week and the trailer light project so I can jump into this.

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I have tinkered with the DRV8301 and F28027F before. Just CCS examples though. I am most interested in @@TI_Trey 's work with Energia to see if he has the InstaSPIN stuff working with it.

(I personally find CCS a bit obtuse and overly busy for my tastes, but those instaspin labs lived & died by you watching the memory via debugger.)


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