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nrf24l01+ pa lna issues

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I am currently trying to extend the range of my nrf24l01+ modules.  My current working setup is running a raspberry pi and a msp430g2553 (launchpad) using the nrf24l01+ with only the pcb antenna.  Currently those are about 10 meters away from each other and they work great (~100% success rate) at that distance.  In order to extend the range I tried to change out one of those modules with the pcb antenna and tried hooking a PA LNA to my msp430, this resulted in me only getting like a 10% success rate of packets being sent and received.


I then hooked up a 3.3 regulator to supply power to the PA LNA board and that did not seem to have any effect.  As I understand this module will take about 115mA when transmitting and 45mA when receiving which should easily be delivered by my regulated 3.3V.  I tried this with two different PA LNA modules and they both perform the same.  


I am currently using the spirilis library wtih gcc (not that this should matter).  But are there any registers that need to change in order to get the PA/LNA module working vs the pcb antenna modules?  Again from my understand the PA/LNA is all external and in hardware and should not effect the operation of the nrf24l01+ which is why I am confused as to why it is not working.


Any help suggestions would be appreciated. 

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I can't say my PA+LNA modules added much range but they definitely performed a tad better than PCB antenna. What really added range fwiw is the SI24R1 nrf24-compatible taiwanese modules (pcb trace, haven't found any RPSMA modules yet) with a +7dBm bonus TX mode.


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Thanks for the replies.


I was able to grab a decent power supply from work and test it.  Unfortunately that didn't work.  The PSU is showing a spike of 170mA I wonder if this is also a power issue with the header.  In any case if I can't get these working I think my plan will be to add in repeaters as necessary and just use the standard PCB trace modules and further look into the SI24R1 modules.  Thanks.

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