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Failure installing service pack for CC3200 LaunchPad

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A bit of additional info: 


I put UniFlash into debug mode and here's the sequence of log messages when I try to do something simple like read the version number from the LaunchPad: 


Begin GetVersion operation

Executing operation: Connect

waiting and clearing UART Rx buffer

setting break signal

--- please restart the device ---

(I hit the Reset button)

wait for ack

UART timeout

--- COM Port timeout on ACK read

---reading ACK signal failed---

disconnecting from device . . .

--- Connection failed trying to reconnect... (1 attempt)

waiting and clearing UART Rx buffer


And so on. 


As reported in initial post, I get "Can't connect...please check your COM port settings. Error code -3" 

Anybody know what error code -3 is? I don't see any obvious way to examine or change the COM port settings, anyway. 

I suppose the above behavior could be explained by something like a wrong baud rate, but this is after all a USB connection, presumably emulating a serial port. 

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Got it to work (somehow).

Updated UniFlash to the new version, still no luck.

Went to the Windows XP Device Manager, and saw an entry for COM7 under serial ports (listing an FTDI driver).

Fired up UniFlash and entered 7 as the port (why does it initialize to port 30?).

Everything worked fine and I was able to install the CC3200 Service Pack.


I'll swear I had earlier tried every port number from 1 to 20 with no luck, but perhaps the new UniFlash made the difference.

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Windows assigns COM ports consecutively, even if a certain port number isn't currently in use. Pain in the hind dealing with sometimes when the program communicating won't do > COM6 for instance. I typically will go in reconnect and reconfigure the COM port so the device enumerates on that port no matter which USB it's connected to.

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