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Launchpad as USB to Serial programmer

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I have ordered some ESP8266 modules and discovered you can flash the firmware in order to make it program over WiFi. This allows me to use the ESP8266 as a standalone IOT node. But to get the firmware on the ESP you need to flash it. As far as I can make out, the programming actually happens over RX TX and you need USB to Serial. As I'm not keen to buy stuff in double, I wonder if I can use the launchpad to program the ESP8266.I remember I've read somewhere that the BAUD rate is limited to 9600, but is it the MSP430 chip who's limiting it?
f it's possible to do so, do I need to take some precautions (remove the MSP430 from the DIP, ...)?

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The G2 launchpad used to be so cheap I've seen it recommended for just this sort of thing. Whether you go for the G2 or the F5529 launchpad all you will need to do is remove the jumpers between the FET side of the board and the target microcontroller. You might as well remove the DIP chip on the G2 but you shouldn't need to.

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