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About capacitive sensing controllers

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I have now been prototyping with my project which has 3 capacitive "buttons". I tried the example code provided by TI, MSP430G2xx3 Demo - Capacitive Touch, Pin Oscillator Method, 4-buttons, and it works fine and I understand quite well how it works. It is anyway quite simple, just to have a LED turn on when a button is pressed. 


Now I would like to create more complex controls, for example, to avoid accidental turn on, to have MSP430 waiting for one press of one button, then blink a led to indicate it is now actively waiting for start up signal, which would be the user moving his finger over all buttons up and down, ( 1 -> 2 -> 3  -> 0 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> 0 and only then it would start up really, and if it doesn't get this signal from user, goes back to wait just for the first button press.


But I don't find any examples of how to create such a code. Can anyone please help to suggest a way how this can be implemented in the code?


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