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MSP430 Controller Module Overview

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Does someone know if there is an overview of MSP430 controllers and their modules (e.g. ADC12, BOR, SVS, ...) available?


I was surprised to find out that for example the MSPG2553 has no SVS even though this is listed in the family user guide. So it would be great to have a spreadsheet showing all controllers and the present modules of each.


I did already search for it but could not find anything useful beyond the standard I/O pin, flash memory, etc. tables.


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Similarly, this will allow you to do the same thing but across all MSP sub-families (2xx, 5xx, FRxx, etc) as well: http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontrollers_16-bit_32-bit/msp/products.page 


For more detailed information than what is in this comparison tool online though, it is always best to check the specific device datasheet. The User's Guides cover an entire sub-family and so they include information on every possible module in that sub-family, so to see if a particular module or feature is present in a specific device it is best to check the datasheet.




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Well, it might be a TI thing but the description of controller features is rather confusing.


Looking at the device specific datasheet I get a brief overview on the first page, followed by the phrase "For Complete Module Descriptions, See the
MSP430x2xx Family User

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