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C2000:Problem with flash memory

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I bought C2000 a 1 week ago. I started working today, have been working from last 6 hours. Problem is when ever I flash the program into the C2000 it gets uploaded but whenever I press reset button then program gets lost. All this is happening in Energia IDE.


Correct me if I am doing something wrong. Reply asap 


Thank You


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This is due to the boot modes of the device.  When we flash with Energia, we use the serial boot mode to load the program into the device.  When the load completes it automatically starts running the application.  


Pressing the reset button without changing the boot switches will put the board back at the start of the serial boot mode.


Instead, change the switches to UP-UP-DOWN, reset the board and your application should run.  This selects the boot to flash mode (which is where your application is stored).




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