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If you ever wanted to get logic analyzer, you should take a look at Digilent's Analog Discovery.


Analog Discovery is a multifunction device developed by Digilent in cooperation with Analog Devices (AD is filled with chips from AD.)

AD features analog and digital inputs and outputs, and can be used as an oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, pattern generator, virtual I/O, voltmeter, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, and even power supply. And the best part, it's affordable, especially for US students.


I got my AD several days ago and let me tell you, AD is a true Swiss Army knife for geeks.

To show you how useful AD can be, I used it to test new version of my audio analyzer BoosterPack.

For my tests, I am using oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and waveform generator instruments (AD comes with software called WaveForms, which is a suite of virtual instruments.)

Waveform generator provides 2 audio signals (via 3.5mm stereo jack) to BP's audio input. A simple tone or a sweep can be generated, so many options.

Oscilloscope is connected via (optional) BNC Adapter Board and a probe to audio switch's output, so I can see which signal is fed to the EQ chip.

Finally, logic analyzer is connected to LP's SPI output and displays sampled data.





Analog Discovery's pinout


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I've seen it and was impressed. (was it over a year ago?); but did not see much written at the time.


Personally - I got a Saleae 8 bit instead at that time.    

Currently, I'm stalled on a Rigol as I'm OK with my Tektronix analog. I don't need much analog bandwidth for what I do with microcontrollers.



NOW, I'm interested (again) in that Analog Discovery tool, because folks on this forum are very to-the-point.

I'm curious about your real-life experience (eg: @RobG)




How is the logic analyser part - can it compare to Saleae Software?       Is it really 16bit capture?   Only 2 triggers?

Is there pre-trigger on logic analyser and digital scope?   And is it any good?

How is the user interface;   combined analog/digital triggering ....    etcetera.


I saw the EEVblog a few times, but it's more a rundown of features & functions rather than hands-on experience.




Good 2015 !!!



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Post crash.....


I ordered a Saleae 8 last week, I hope there faster than the projected 8 week lead time...... That setup kinda makes me wonder if I should have gotten one of those instead. I do have access to scopes, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer..... And more at work but it's nice having my own gear at home.

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