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Code for driving LED boards help needed....

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Well I am a code newbie, I have been trying to learn the launguage.  Coming from some simpler Arduino projects this is like starting over below the basement......


I know I will need current sensing which I thought would be an analog input,


The digital PWM output to fire the MOSFET to drive the LED


Disable the interupt to have the ability to monitor the current level continously


Another input to control light level.


I saw RobG LED boards and wanted to get a couple of those to try out. 


Initially I want to just run one Cree XPG2, then expand.  Setting up multiple buck drivers, with 5 seperate lighting channels  (travel trailer interior lighting)


Thanks yall for the help! 


Back to watching CCS videos!  I do have CCS and Energia installed BTW

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Thanks Rob! I will have to check those out tomorrow, of course I ordered parts from Mouser last night! Looks like I'll need another soic 8 proto board also. I have another msp430 on the way as the one I have now I must have messed up a via or through hole De soldering the header pins and can't get it to connect to load a program. Now I will just have to figure out how to write the code for it. I had used TI LED driver designer, and there are so many options. Plus the SMD parts are a bit more daunting to me as I have to spend the money to get the PCB printed and it may wind up a coaster. Especially since TI has a huge selection of solutions. I need to just suck it up and get to experimenting. My goal is to have one buck topology driver that can run up to three amps with dimming, soft start, but be still a solid performer at low current levels. I don't want the PWM flash from hell at low current levels. I'll check those chips out! Thanks again!

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Hey, did you find a solution?

If not, check out this driver IC, it can handle up to 3A of current.

Rob, I still want to buy a couple of those drivers from you also. Where would I find some information on writing code to drive those boards also? I'm an industrial electrician by trade, used to medium voltage, big wire, big amperages. Thinking code, 1/0 and 3.3 volts has been a learning experience......
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