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Programming MSP430FR5969 outside Launch pad.

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Hi all

I am new to TI environment, before this all of my projects were based on Arduino.

I have developed one circuit with 5969 launchpad its working fine. Now I want to make it my own custom pcb for my application. I wanted to know by keeping two test pins for Spy Bi Wire on my pcb can I program my micro controller with help of my launch pad? 


And/Or which is best practice for ISP programming MSP430 micro controllers?

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I have done the same thing by connecting the TEST and RESET pins to the header pins and programming it from there. Probably you can put a ground pin beside for convenience too.


Take note on the max value the capacitor that is connected to the RESET pin is 2.2nF.


For more info, see page 110 and 111 of the datasheet:


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