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WiFi Sous Vide Sources

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Hi 43oh,


Last month I posted the sources for the solid state relay board, and I promised I'd post the source code for the sous vide application.  Well here it is!




You'll also need the standard PID and PID autotune libraries available on your favorite Arduino site.


I just celebrated my birthday and cooked a surf and turf with it.  As you can see, it works pretty well:



Happy Holidays!

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Hi @@beniopas and welcome to 43oh


I made this one quite some time ago but did not document the build. It is simple enough though. I put it in a weatherproof outdoor enclosure with a 2x16 LCD for that old school industrial look. All the holes and cuts were made with a drill press, rotary tool, and a file to clean things up. The temperature sensor (DS18B20) is inside a whisk from the dollar store to hold it away from the wall of the crock pot and food being cooked since I thought this would give a better indication of the bath temperature. I didn't implement WiFi. I played with the PID code quite a bit and tried some different control schemes for the educational value. The buttons are used to set the temperature and select the control method. Works great - there are lots of tutorials on how to do this but adding your own twist is the fun part of it.


Edit: see this post also https://e2e.ti.com/group/launchyourdesign/b/blog/archive/2014/12/24/launchpad-brings-the-heat-to-fine-dining

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I do not know English well. As for programming, it could someone help me? I want to create a circulator with these parameters:


-Support 1 heater 230-250V 1000W and 1 water pump 4W 220-250V.

-Supply Voltage 230V

-adjustable temperature in the range of 1 * C to 90 * C, only the heating mode

-Small hysteresis 0.1 * C, very accurate

-timer integrated with a heating element

- Waterproof probe with detachable

- a fuse thermostat

Socket for a coil (at the appropriate cables) might be one on the heater, pump and power.


The thermostat has a switch on the water pump and heater if the temperature is set.


What a list of elements it needs to build PCBA? Are these files must be uploaded by arduino?


Can I have finished PCB diagram and list of components needed to build a finished thermostat?

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The sous vide projects described above will not meet the specifications you have laid out.  You haven't provided much information but here are some observations...

  • Maintaining temperature to 0.1 deg C with a 1000 W heater won't be an easy task unless you have a large well insulated bath and are maintaining a constant batch temperature.
  • Expect changing temperature to a new set point in the range of 1 to 90 deg C to take a good while if you can't tolerate overshoot of more than 0.1 deg C
  • The DS18B20 is only accurate to +/- 0.5 deg. C in that range
  • It is not possible to design a PCB from the information you have provided
  • It is not possible to say what changes are needed for the Energia code from the information you have provided
  • Be careful interfacing microcontrollers to mains powered equipment (especially around water) if you don't have knowledge and experience with it

If you don't know how to get started with a project like this, try to find someone with the background in your area.  There is a lot to learn if you don't have the background.




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I didn't use that code but it appears to be the following:

  • sous_vide.ino is the Energia sketch that inputs temperature, calculates and sends the output signal to the crock pot using the PID library, and outputs status on an LCD and to a Temboo account
  • ADS1118 is the library for the temperature sensor

I can't really comment much more than that.  You might look at the Adafruit site that TI_Trey references:  https://learn.adafruit.com/sous-vide-powered-by-arduino-the-sous-viduino/sous-vide

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Is it done on finished modules?

File sousvide.zip what is it?

File libraries.zip what is it?

Is for each module eg. For module WI FI must be a separate program? I need to upload using a the programmer?


How is the control of the thermostat? It is some sort of special application WI FI?

Is the end plate PCBA these pins are on WI FI module or on the LCD display?


Please contact TI Trey mail


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I would like to do something podobnego.Tylko without wy?wietlacza.Chcia?bym control the device through the Wi FI THROUGH applications mobilnej.Czy it possible to write such a program? Is convenient to already mount two displays Led? To the current temperature and the set? I'd like to do something similar to chefsteps joule


This is how to do it on the PCB? I need to write program in Arduino module wi fi?

I write it to him by the programmer microcontroller wi fi? How to do a similar project to Chefsteps Joule?

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