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Installing Energia on Linux

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As a relative novice Linux user, my beef with Energia is the same as with a lot of other software packages: the installation instructions basically end at "download it".


OK, I downloaded it. Now what? Where do I put it? How do I launch it? And so forth.


Using Ubuntu 14.04 (32-bit). Java is installed and working (at least it works for Eclipse).


Any kind souls willing to help?


(I guess this would be moot if somebody created an installer package for the Ubuntu Software Center, but I have no idea how much work that involves.)

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There's a lot more than just "download it".


Yes, I saw that page and read it carefully. Have I missed the part where it says what to do after downloading the software? Where to put it? How to launch it? Do I have to change permissions? etc.? 


I'm a spoiled Mac user accustomed to things that just work. But I really would like to get this going on my Ubuntu box. 

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Argh, sorry. I read something about 'drag onto Applications folder'. But that's for MAC, I don't know MACs and Ubuntu.


Then it's up to you to decide where to put it. I use $HOME/bin for stuff that doesn't come in via the package management.


Open a Terminal:



mkdir bin

cd bin

tar -xvzf ../Downloads/energia-0101E0014-linux64.tgz .   # <- the dots in front and the dot at the end are important

ln -sf energia-0101E0014 energia     # <- optional - creates a 'symlink' called energia pointing to the actual directory


(YOUR_FAVOURITE_EDITOR) .bash_profile   #  and add or modify the PATH to energia


PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin:$HOME/bin:$HOME/bin/energia    # without symlink this has to be energia-0101E0014


close editor and don't forget to save.

source .bash_profile

energia  &



I don't know how to create starters for the GUI so you're on your own with this.


Happy holidays & hacking


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I have been using Energia and TI MSP-EXP430G2  Board with M430G2553 microcontroller under Windows for some time. 


Now I am  trying to get it to run on a Debian 7 machine, and it is failing to function properly.


I have the udev rules file installed


Energia will eventually open the IDE window, however:


Mousing over the menu bar has unpredictable results.

Some menus drop down, others don't.

Or if they do drop down, upon closing the program hangs.


More importantly, I can't upload any sketches to the board.


I get an error 



/lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.15' mpt found/ 

(required by/opt/energia-0101E0015/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/mspdebug)



Debian 7 installs version 2.13 of this library.

I've gone round and round on the net, following rumors of upgrading only this library file.


I added the Jessie repository to my /etc/apt/sources.list and was able to finally request this upgrade.

Alas, synaptic informs me this it "breaks dependencies".

I know that's a bad thing, so I don't proceed.


I wanted to stick with debian 7 for purely sentimental reasons.  If I must upgrade to debian 8 (which I understand has a libc6 version of 2.19) to get Energia to work, I certainly will.


Will it work? Will a version HIGHER than what Energia expects be rejected also?


Does anyone here know what to do to fix this?



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I am having the same issue as Rob Lewis.  Running Ubuntu 14.04 and a new Linux user as well.  Saw the advice from Stephan which I will try, but I am having a hard time connecting all the dots between Oppa's help and Energia's install guide.  


When I follow the directions from Energia's install guide, http://energia.nu/guide/guide_linux/ I am told I do not have permission to save the file.  What step am I missing.  I looked at Ubuntu's help forum but did not see anything specific to Energia or the Launchpad


Any help is much appreciated

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