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Trouble in compiling ELM Chan FatFs

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I am trying to compile ELM Chen FatFs and I am getting identifier error in ff.h (line 157) for typedef struct DIR in code composer studio. It also leads to a type specifier error on line 215,216 and 217 which uses this identifier. Any help to sort it out will be highly appreciateable.

 The errors are below:


Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
#41 expected an identifier    ff.h    /SD_Up2    line 157    C/C++ Problem
#80 expected a type specifier    ff.h    /SD_Up2    line 215    C/C++ Problem
#80 expected a type specifier    ff.h    /SD_Up2    line 217    C/C++ Problem
#80 expected a type specifier    ff.h    /SD_Up2    line 216    C/C++ Problem



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Hi pabigot,


It worked. thanks a lot for the help. You got an awesome insight.


Can you please help me solve the last problem. I am getting error "identifier "BOOL" is unidentified" defined in diskio.c even though I have defined #include <stdbool.h> and the error donot go even if I compile it with -fg flag. Do you have any idea why is that the case.


Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
#20 identifier "FALSE" is undefined    diskio.c    /Orignal    line 187    C/C++ Problem
#20 identifier "TRUE" is undefined    diskio.c    /Orignal    line 194    C/C++ Problem
#20 identifier "BOOL" is undefined    diskio.c    /Orignal    line 180    C/C++ Problem
#20 identifier "TRUE" is undefined    diskio.c    /Orignal    line 218    C/C++ Problem
#20 identifier "BOOL" is undefined    diskio.c    /Orignal    line 201    C/C++ Problem
#20 identifier "FALSE" is undefined    diskio.c    /Orignal    line 204    C/C++ Problem

Thanks again

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The name of the type provided by <stdbool.h> is bool (lower case). Its constants true and false are also lower-case.


You're apparently using PetitFS rather than FatFS; older versions of that had this in a header integer.h:


/* Boolean type */
typedef enum { FALSE = 0, TRUE } BOOL;
That sort of thing was mostly removed from FatFS releases around 0.9, and PetiteFS around 0.02a. My archival repository at https://github.com/pabigot/FatFs/tree/ff/master would be one way to see the changes per version.
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