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Other holiday cheer.

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My brother bought me...


Yeah, it's Radio Shack stuff, but if it works, why complain?

Oh, and if anyone has suggestions regarding what to set the temp to, I'd appreciate it.



And also, I now have an RPI B+ and Edison/Arduino. Wife won't like it when I tell her I need a new monitor for the RPI.

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very nice. Temp depends on the solder being used (lead/tin, lead free silver bearing, antimony or cadmium silver bearing, etc) and the type of joint (large pad, surf mount small pads, wires, etc).  I don't havea temp gauge. Just adjust it til it is right for the job: heat the joint in a few seconds to flow temp. Hotter is generally better if there is a question, as, if the solder or paste is there, as it melts, it will control joint temp. Once melted and flowed, iron is away. Too low a temp leads to overheating components before the solder flows.

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