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TM4C1294 Network bootloader

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Since this board has been out for longer than the cc3200, maybe there is better hope for a network bootloader ?


I found a few discussions on it, but not much to go on, maybe the board is not popular enough, or the ones that figured out how to do it dont share :)


I would like to make the board boot info a bootloader area, preferably a energia sketch, which checks if thers a new firmware available and if so flashes it to the main program area before jumping there.

Preferably the boot area would be protected, but even if not theres still the rom bootloader that would allow to recover over usb as far as I understand.


I am looking for a ethernet arm chip to replace my old 8bit network controller, but without network update its not of much use.


Any help/hints/pointers very welcome.

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Why not have the system periodically check for some update on the 'web' or network? Then, if that is found, the system itself runs in RAM and copies the 'update' into FLASH then reboots, much like any other update loader would. The point being the update "loader" runs in RAM so that changing FLASH doesn't affect anything until a reboot.


I'd suggest, if necessary, using Tiva ROM routines if needed, as they will not change as they are 'burned' into ROM.

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Hmm, I didnt think of that, obviously there are more flash than theres ram, so how would I make sure a specific part of my code is loaded in RAM while updating the flash ?

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