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Optimization Problem

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I have a problem with optimization. Can anyone help me?


my code is below which is for loop and delaying.


volatile unsigned int b;


b = 30000;




}while(b != 0);


normally unless I define b as a volatile variable, it doesnt work, Can anyone explain why it doesnt work?


Also when I debug step by step, It works. Also without this loop it works but I can not see the changes.



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Without volatile: The compiler recognises that the loop has no net effect and that the end result will be that b==0. Therefore, the loop is replaced with an assignment.


With volatile: the compiler presumes that, even if it can't see it, something, somewhere, may be looking at the value of b other than the code in the loop. Therefore, it a.) compiles the code exactly as written, with b.) no optimizations, and c.) not using a register for the variable (it will always be in RAM, with the associated time penalty for access)

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