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Insufficient ram on msp430g2553

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to program my msp430g2553 using energia. My program is about 360 lines in arduino.. When I try to compile the code in energia, it shows errors that the ram is insufficient and about 834B more needed.. I can't reduce the no of variables and the only header I've used in liquidcrystal.h.. So is this a problem with program or I need to change the controller?

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If he is using liquidcrystal, he is surely using a lot of string. String can use up memory pretty fast : n+1 bytes (where n is the number of character and 1 is for null character)


No one would do string processing on a mcu, so I guess he won't modify them. Just declaring all string to constant would resolve all of his issue.

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Thank you guys thank you for replying.. I was using an array of strings which were used as variables, now when I declared them as constant the ram is free now.. But I need to think of some other way to tick mark the particular index number of the particular array.. And also I need to transmit these strings serially.. So any suggestions for tick marking other than using 1 more array of type int ??

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