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I am looking for some information about Rigol's Active Logic Head (LH1116) which is included with DS1102D/DS1052D.


I wanted to buy new head to replace my missing one, but at >$300, it's just not worth it.

I have decided to make my own, but I wasn't sure if it's possible. The price suggested that this must be rather complex piece of hardware and there's no documentation whatsoever. I was able to locate few pictures of the PCB, and as it turns out, this thing is super simple, it's just a few LVD drivers and some simple resistor dividers (totally not worth the $300 price.) There were some problems with those heads, so some versions also have Schottky buffers in them.

After some investigative work, I was able to figure out the connections, but one thing I don't know yet is the polarity of some of the signals (I do know D2, D6, D8, and D12.) I will have to build a simple driver to confirm the polarity, but if there's someone who has this head and would be willing to do some tests (the head must be opened for this,) that would save me some time.


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