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Free shipping from the eStore

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&^%# IT! They always get me with free shipping!


In for another (free) EZ430-F2013 and three (more) LaunchPads. Why? Because I think they lost my last backorder and, if not, can you really have too many LaunchPads? :lol: (Seriously, I'll probably give them away to friends if I get both orders.)


BTW: You can only use the EZFREE2013 code once. I tried. ;) Whaaat? I was curious.



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Lol, the free shipping just pushed me over the edge. LaunchPad's are good enough for me, but as everyone said, free is free.


I'm curious as to when TI will stop giving us everything we can dream of. It will be a real shocker the day it comes. As someone who doesn't use the MSP430 for hobby stuff, I hope that they will always keep the free samples program going at the very least.


Maybe now that many people are getting the EZ430, I can start posting some F2013 code on my blog. I've been in the midst of moving, My next post is almost ready to go, hopefully I will have the time today.





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