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Need idea for a booster pack

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Hi, as part of my new year resolution and since its my vacancy time (so free time), i want to get more involved/implicated in community, i want to bring my share to help the community. So to get involved, i tough i could design a booster pack and do all the library to make it working on most launchpad.


So here the deal, propose me some idea of booster pack you would like, and i will try to make it happen. Or it could be a launchpad, with some feature normally found in booster pack (like the arduino ethernet, that combine the normal arduino with ethernet shield on the same board). The only thing i won't do is selling my board (but feel free to do it, i just don't want to mess up with the economical aspect, and postal work needed to send board).


Just as a side note, I am more involved in digital and programming, analog is not my strength. Designing a booster pack would be even more fun if it happen to be in topic i like. I love old school computing (8 bit sound, old computer, old console), telecommunication (ethernet, can & other), robotics and home automation. But feel free to suggest even idea outside of those topics (we never know, maybe i could find something interesting outside of those topic).


Don't expect to see the booster pack to be ready in the next few week, it will be a project of 4 month - 1.5 years (i have other thing to do in real life, and i prefer to take my time and do a well documented project, with frequent update here so you can see how well it goes, and give me advice).


And if you are looking for me, i am often on the irc as alex20032.

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This idea is on my bucket list - a FRAM disk.


I want to take a number of these 2Mbit FRAM chips, layout an array of them on a PCB and then make them work with the LaunchPad system.

Doing a booster pack just that just has some fram chip would be boring, and could be done very quickly.

Then I asked to myself, could i make a booster pack that do more than just a disk... what could use some nice storage...


Then i got some idea from it :

- A booster pack made to store sample, and has a DAC and a jack to play out sample. Then we could either make out a waveform generator/look up table player(synth from look up table) booster pack. Then, i could make on software side everything needed to load up sample and play them, and why not even doing some midi. I also need a way to upload new data to the fram.

- Doing an emulator booster pack : store game rom on the fram, a lcd to play it and so on. Then it mean i need to implement an emulator, an emulator low on resource, since its embedded after all. Something like the CHIP-8

- A data logging booster pack: it would require a large ammount of storage (large compared to mcu ram, but still reasonable with few fram external chip). But then, a data logging booster pack would be boring if it would contain just fram chip, i need idea of other component to put on it.

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