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Help with SD Card module on TM4C123GXL

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I have a question regarding communication between my Tiva C EK-TM4C123GXL lauchpad and a generic SD Card breakout board.



  • Energia 0101E0013
  • Windows 8.1
  • SD Library (SD_TM4C)
  • 4 GB FujiFilm SD card

I CAN get the ReadWrite demo program in the SD library to work sucessfully by wiring everything up according to the 1-page pinout diagram that came with my board for the SPI bus.


Hardware wiring (SD breakout --> Launchpad):


SDCS  --> J2.9  /  PA3  /  12

MOSI  -->  J2.6  /  PB7  /  15

SCK    -->  J1.7  /  PB4  /  7

MISO  -->  J2.7  /  PB6  /  14


And then I change the ReadWrite code so that it looks like this:

pins J3.3 - J3.6 and changing my code to this...


Any help would be amazing.


Thank you!

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