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What am I going to do with ...

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Set them in grout to make a coffee-table top.

Hmmm.... in the spirit of 43oh you could make 229 balls of fire demonstrating your fierce loyalty towards the msp430

@@username 229 puffs of magic smoke?

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@@username 229 puffs of magic smoke? ;)

Make a voltage multiplier with your MSP430 and use it to "power" the other chips >:D

Use the 229 chips as self-destructing igniters on multi-stage model rockets, with the MSP430 providing ignition sequence triggers and do some datalogging. Each rocket could consist of a 5 motor main booster, a 3 motor secondary booster and a single motored ascension stage. With 229 atmel's you could build 25 such rockets and have 4 left over. :D

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These avr chips seem to have 1k of SRAM, a USART and SPI. Use them to make an SD card controller. Then you could use it with the smaller msp430 chips with limited ram to read and write data using FAT16. Make the controller interface something simple that runs over async serial. Provide functions like open file, close file, create file, delete file, readfile, writefile, readdir .. etc.

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Interesting ideas Guys. I'm horrified by @@username's suggestions though. They're IC's not fireworks ;-)



What then can I do when I add in these parts to the picture?


It was hard to get a clear picture of this SOIC8.


I had to put it under the microscope to get a photo of it.


The markings say ATMLH130 54BL




I have more than 1200 of them. 




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I feel like an archeologist.


I discovered that the 54BL was something called a truncation code and that led me to this datasheet which told me that it was an Atmel AT25040B serial EEPROM.  


So it looks like it's an SPI Automotive Temperature Serial EEPROM, 4k (512 x 8).


Now what am I going to do with more than 1200 of these?!


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