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New edX course using MSP430

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You mean UT601x ? I loved that...I don't know this course but the syllabus looks like this is about basic electronics.



The course consists of seven modules:

  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: The Basics
  • Module 2: Resistors
  • Module 3: Amplifiers
  • Module 4: Capacitors & Filters
  • Module 5: Transistors
  • Module 6: Inductors

Every module consists of a combination of theory-based lectures and lab-based discussions where we apply that module

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I subscribed to this a while ago just out of curiosity. My experience with edx courses is great, I've taken 4 or 5 before and am enrolled in a couple others at the moment. It doesn't mean this one will be good for sure, but well, it's a respected school and all that... probably not that interesting for those already experienced with MSP430 or electronics in general, but well, probably good for some.


I am an engineer so I can skip all of those basic topics, but I normally do them anyways to get ideas for the classes I teach.

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I will ressurect this thread just to say that the course was quite nice. I have used their method in my classes, which is to take a larger system (e.g. a simple robot) and cover each of its building blocks sequentially during the course so you complete the job at the end; it's quite rewarding and helps keeping students engaged.


It's not a great course if you're intested in learning MSP430 specifically, but that was not the intent of the course. It is good though for any begginer trying to get a grasp of basic electronics concepts that always surround a microcontroller.


Here is the robot I built for the course - you were required to shoot a video of it for grading.


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I took this course too. The launchpad was mostly a "transparent" platform for the course material, which was - as mentioned here earlier - basic electronic components and circuits. As a hobbyist with no solid background in electronics, I quite enjoyed it. Good for beginners, just not as an introductions to MSP430 or MCUs in general.

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Just to more or less reiterate igendel's point, this course is taught in parallel with the intro analog circuits course at UC Berkeley (you might say it's analogous to the edX class. Ba-dum-tss!). I took the course in the Spring, and the focus is certainly basic electrical theory and analog circuit design, with the MSP430 serving mainly as a tool to further explore those topics. That being said, depending on your application, having a good handle on the analog domain seems to be half the battle when working with an MCU (even more so with tools like Energia simplifying the development process... or at least, in theory). 

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