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HO! HO! HO! Get Your Stockings Ready - 2014 43oh Secret Santa

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Yeaay! It is that time of the year again and we are early this year and have come prepared with some good news!  We had loads of fun last time.
Last year's pictures are here.


Gerard S[43oh/bluehash]


What is it?

Secret Santa is a way of exchanging gifts over the Holiday Season, without knowing who your giftee is. You can either guess or we'll let you know later(not sure if we'll be doing this).


Ho! does it work?

1. You register your name and address. (see below)

2. On Dec 10th, we'll pair you up with a person who registered.

3. Find a gift for your assigned person.. by creeping through his/her posts and profile. Please put up your wishes.

PS: The gift link has an Amazon affiliate link for 43oh. 43oh gets 3% of the sale price when an order is placed.

4. Ship your gift by Dec 15th, 2014.


Ho! to enter?

First, please make sure if you are ok to ship International, because many members over here are from all over the world. If not, no worries, please drop me a PM and I'll put a restriction in place.

Second, make sure you will be gifting someone if you register. Don't leave anyone stranded. Please :grin: . Pretty Please.


We will be using an external website(Elfster) to register. Click the link below to register.




We had to go through an external site this time because of the workload involved in pairing and sending emails. I know it is another site, but please understand. Use an email which you would be checking often.



Sign-up Deadline : December 10 2014

Gift Ship Date: December 15 2014 ( International orders take 2-5 weeks to reach their destination )


Hope this answers everything. Go forth Santas.

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