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Peeked in a dumpster, and look what I found...

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Wow! Nice find!


Dumpster diving FTW! :D


I have no qualms about dumpster diving, especially if it's a good location or I see something cool peeking out. I once found a bunch of rack-mount A/V control equipment in (and next to) a dumpster. Someone had evidently refitted a conference room and dumped the old stuff! Nothing much I could use, but some cleaning and photos netted me about $300 on eBay! :D

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Recycling rules!

Back in 2000, I was at my local junkyard getting some plastic sheets for a project. Ended up buying three 2511 access servers @ $100 a piece. Guess what they were selling for on eBay back then (when everyone was trying to get their CCNA?)

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